Different Internet Tools to Help You Protect Your Child

(Source: www.protectyourkids.info)

Internet Dangers

Most parents assume that pornography and sexual predators are the only dangers their children face on the Internet. While these are certainly a huge concern, there are other dangers lurking in the dark corners of the net. These include the following: areas that foster hate crimes, sites that teach children how to make bombs and other weapons, forums to discuss the best ways to commit suicide, sites that encourage the use of drugs, and even areas where children watch others take drugs via web cams. The John Walsh Show recently aired an episode where teenagers watched as a young man died from an overdose of drugs. As parents, you need to know the dangers that exist on the Internet, and arm yourself with the tools and rules to prevent your child from becoming a victim.

Tools To Help You Protect Your Kids

Common sense and parental guidance are the leading tools for protecting your children from online dangers. However, it is unreasonable to expect that parents can know what their children are doing at all times. There are many Internet safety tools available to help you monitor your children's pc activities. Explore to see what products are available that will help you protect your child from danger.

Internet Safety Tools

Here are a variety of different types of Internet Safety Tools designed to perform different kinds of functions to help you keep your children safe.

Blocking or Filtering software prevents children from accessing inappropriate content.

Filtered ISPs are Internet service providers that offer protection against objectionable Internet web sites as well as unsolicited and inappropriate emails.

PC Time Monitors regulate the times of day and length of time your kids have access to the pc.

Activity or Keystroke Loggers keep a log of all communications between your child and others, so that you can later monitor what they have been doing.

PopUp Blockers prevent unwanted windows popping up as many of these are porn related.

Spam Blockers prevent your children from receiving spam email, which often advertise X-rated sites.

Kid Friendly Portals are a safe place for your children to be when searching the Internet. It is often best to use a combination of these types of tools to ensure safe Internet usage.