10 Internet Safety Facts that every parent should know

(Source: www.kget.com)

  1. Although the Internet can be a dangerous place, parents should not become overly fearful and ban kids from using the computer. Realize your child’s future success depends on being savvy with technology.
  2. Parents need to become involved in their children’s Internet use. Go online with your child. Teach them to make smart decisions.
  3. Parents simply must be smarter than their children when it comes to the use of technology. Install filters that block kids from viewing inappropriate material on the Internet. If necessary, parents should sign up for computer classes.
  4. Parents should go into a chat room and pretend to be a 13-year-old girl. Many will be surprised at the volume of sexual messages they will attract.
  5. Many kids do not tell their parents when they receive unwanted sexual messages because they fear the parents will restrict their access to the computer. Make it clear to kids they can come to you if strangers approach them on the Internet. Report any inappropriate messages to law enforcement.
  6. Chat rooms are among the most dangerous places on the web.
  7. Sexual predators often use online profiles - or web pages where children post their name, picture, and information about their hobbies and interests - to find their victims.
  8. Not every sexual predator wants to arrange an in-person meeting. Some are looking for the sexual gratification by talking to a child via the Internet. This means the child is in danger of getting their sexual education from a pedophile, or becoming interested in sex at an early age. Often predators will start by sending a child pornographic photos. When the child gets used to seeing these photos, the subject of sex no longer seems so shocking.
  9. Often sexual predators will lie and say they are in their early twenties. Once the predator has gained a child’s trust, they will often admit to being much older.
  10. Having a web camera exposes children to even more danger. If children send provocative pictures of themselves to predators, those photos will likely be circulated to others.